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In daily work, the captain and the security guard will contact all sides, including customers, people, leaders, subordinates and colleagues. It is very necessary to master communication skills with different people. There are many things in common that need attention.
One is equality. Everyone living in the real world is equal in personality, regardless of the position, the gap between the poor and the rich. Therefore, in interpersonal communication, we can never raise one inch of ourselves, put others down a foot, and intend to "cross a ditch and diaphragm a wall" with each other and give others a feeling of "refusing to be thousands of miles away". It is impossible for everyone to be equal, and more unlikely to have a harmonious interpersonal relationship, if the right to press people, to press for people, and to be strong and weak in communication.
The two is respect. The desire to be respected is the basic psychological need of everyone. In interpersonal communication, we should give due respect to all people, regardless of their status. We should not only respect the personality of others, but also respect the external and inner psychological distance of each other, and do not break it easily and destroy it. Otherwise, it is an offense to the other party, which is bound to cause the opposite and alienation of the other.
The three is communication. CCTV famous program host Bai Yansong once said: "every life ministry needs to express." Then, communication with people is like human communication. Only communication, can we have a deeper understanding of each other; only communication, can we constantly improve each other's understanding, thereby reducing or avoiding some unnecessary misunderstandings and frictions. The more you do not communicate, the more defensive you will be, and the more difficult you will be to achieve harmony between people. Communication needs to take the initiative, blindly waiting for others to communicate with themselves, then your relationship will never be good. But knowing communication is not equal to communication. Good communicators know different ways of communication according to different objects and occasions. Communication is always closely linked with eloquence. Eloquence can pave the way for your communication. It can help you write a harmonious chapter in your communication.
The four is tolerance. There are no two leaves in the world, nor two identical people. As the saying goes, "every inch is short, every inch has its strong points". People's personality and expertise differ from each other, so they can not be consistent in dealing with interpersonal relationships. If people want to live in harmony with each other, they must have a broad mind of mutual understanding. Since we are not perfect ourselves, how can we expect others to be perfect? In interpersonal communication, we should not be too overly demanding for others, and do not impose on others. Man is not a sage, what can it be? Once the other party has made a mistake, we should not abandon it. We should provide him with the opportunity to reform, forgive others' faults and help others to correct their mistakes. The ancient language said, "there is no fish in the water to the Qing Dynasty, and there is no man to inspect the man". In his work and life, people always like to make friends with those tolerant and generous people, which is called "the wide is the public."





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