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Security service enterprises that have been decoupled from the public security organs, whether they are automatically separated or forced to let go, will face the storm of shopping malls. Big trees that used to be backed up are no longer there. The unique shopping malls in the past are now being dug and robbed. The enterprises feel the crisis of livelihood. Then, what factors will affect the livelihood and development of state security service enterprises?
(一)体系不新 机制不活
(1) the system is not new and the mechanism is not viable.
Security service enterprises handled by public security organs are administrative forms. They ask for instructions beforehand, state them afterwards, do not ask for instructions beforehand, are reasonable and unreasonable, and fail to state afterwards, and the accident is inverted. The superiors have more demands, more interference, more discipline, more frameworks, less rights, less discourse and less decision-making. If a company has a new project, it is necessary to ask the leader for advice first, if the leader has something to do before he puts it down. A link down, less than ten days and a half months, more than a year and a half. In this way, enterprises will lose many opportunities. In fact, sometimes a leader can only solve a problem by leading a sentence. There is no need to run around and circle. A good administrative management system is beneficial for enterprises to learn, but it can not be copied. Enterprises should operate in accordance with the management form of enterprises.
(二)观念保守 缺少立异
(two) lack of originality and lack of originality.
Big package constitutes the laziness of the security service company management layer, not automatic, accustomed to listening to instructions, to fulfill orders, "stable" word at the top, rather than do anything, will not automatically find things to do, because automatic work is dangerous, do a good job, do a bad job to assume responsibility. It is better to "listen to the leading organization" than to "try not to please" it. Even if it is wrong, some people take on responsibilities. Why not? Over the course of time, we have developed the idea of "do what you have, play what you don't have." The idea of human nature is confined, let alone the idea of originality.
(三)办理松散 行事缓慢
(three) slow management.
State-owned security service enterprises are basically hired from top to bottom. The disadvantages of management under the administrative system, such as the chairman and general manager of the board of directors, the head of the team, the head of the team, the red-headed documents or the appointed persons by the leaders, all kinds of interests in the muddy waters, the ability to go up and down, the seniority of the ranks and so on, are constantly reflected. Security service enterprises, intricate internal links, sometimes directly lead to inappropriate or slow-moving orders, internal rules and regulations in the implementation of the enterprise greatly discounted. Bureaucracy, anarchy and incompetent management cadres can affect the development of the enterprise or directly cause significant losses to the enterprise, but also constitute a bad atmosphere within the enterprise.
(四)人才流失 本质低下
(four) the essence of brain drain is low.
Security service enterprises do not have high-quality personnel, it is difficult to have high-quality service, it is difficult to have rich returns, security personnel salary, welfare will be difficult to progress, through decades of accumulation, has formed a vicious circle. The security company managed by the public security organ can be maintained to this day, not because of the quality of his service, but because the Security Service Mall is monopolized, other enterprises and institutions have no choice but to say that the security company run by the public security organ will not offend the public security organ in charge of internal security even if there are other choices. Security company is to send an idiot, fool to enterprises and institutions, only need not big problems, others still pay for service, sometimes even if there are problems, mutual also willing to mediate, negotiate to solve problems, mutual tolerance, no one will break the face, hello, I'm good we are good.
(五)技能落后 效劳原始
(five) backward skills.
According to the records, the security service in our country can be traced back to the Northern Wei Dynasty 1400 years ago, when there were bodyguards who provided personal and property security services for merchants and officials on their journeys, and only in the Song Dynasty did they form a professional scale. Today, security companies continue to follow the service of more than 1,400 years ago, rely on cheap manpower to make a meager profit, even if the use of other people's advanced security skills, swap old knives and oxen (horse) cars for today's (riot) guns and cars, select "thousands of miles of eyes", "windward ears" and other monitoring and alarm equipment, but the purchase of skills. The cost is deducted, and the rest of the profit is almost the same as the manpower security service. Security companies can not break the "bottleneck" of skills preparedness, so it is hard to have room for development.
(六)风云变幻 商场莫测
(six) changing markets.
Shopping malls are not permanent stores, nor are the proportion of permanent, which is closely related to the management ability, technical advantages, the nature of the team, service quality and so on. If we keep forging ahead, we will never retreat. If the state-owned security enterprises separated from the public security organs by decoupling and restructuring are still in the form of "who is willing to give up" thinking in the past, they are only respectful, can't put on dignity, can't pull down their shelves, can't bend down, and can't deal with customers willingly. Once they lose customers, the enterprises will lose their living space.
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