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The selection of cameras is skillful, today we will specifically introduce the purchase of high-definition surveillance cameras four major considerations.
I. economy
At present, the homogenization of security products is very serious, and the imported products are almost the same as those made in China, so friends should not blindly worship foreign brands.
Two. Stability
We must believe that the best after-sales service is no after-sales service this sentence, but no after-sales service is not good, everyone has a minor illness, any product problems are inevitable.
Three, scientific nature
Monitoring systems are essentially things that design plans are more important than equipment, and the same products, in the hands of different engineers, will achieve different roles, not alarmist.
Four, the price should be moderate.
Some people want to buy very cheap products, desperate price, in the end the seller is not profitable, how can we give you quality service?
Product quality is the condition: high-quality system engineering can not be separated from high-quality products, high-definition surveillance cameras as the front-end of the video surveillance system, in the video surveillance system plays a very important role. Often many engineering chambers of Commerce believe that the control center of the video surveillance system is the most important part, as long as the control center can operate stably, the camera fault has little impact on the operation of the system. This seems to be true on the surface, but the ultimate impact is very serious, because cameras in a large system tend to be huge, scattered, if the camera often appears to be defective will lead to increased protection, especially some devices at high altitude cameras, protection is more difficult, so it will be formed very much. Big protection costs. This is why many engineers feel profitable in the budget stage, but after the completion of the construction of the system to the customer, but often because of the defective camera needs to run to the customer's site, after-sales protection phase into a lot of manpower and material resources, and ultimately found that the project is not profitable at all.
Excellent after-sales service is the key: security engineers are to transform products, skills into systems, imagination, plans into reality, to help users make the best cost-effective choice, to provide users with the best service device service providers. security
It is very important for the anti-product to be equipped into a system to be able to use after-sales service. For the long-term sustainable development of the engineers, it is necessary to start with after-sales service, establish a perfect after-sales service, and remove the user's worries. In the era of product homogenization and information transparency, high quality after-sales service system has become an important way for engineers to establish enterprise brand, effectively occupy the market and win customers. Some experts have analyzed some international brands of after-sales service done very well, in fact, because his product quality is very good, the defect rate is very low, only a small number of after-sales service personnel can do a good job of after-sales service. To ensure excellent after-sales service, product quality is stable.
Good price policy is the guarantee of reasonable profit: from the current market situation, because the price of the product is clear, the vicious competition of bidding, party A indiscriminately only ask for cheap price, party A skipped the project directly to the supplier inquiry, etc., for the engineer, was forced to reduce the profit, passive customer service situation. It will cost a lot of time, manpower and capital.
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