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As far as security service companies are concerned, they are "bridges" connecting upstream manufacturers and users. It is our ultimate goal to win more end-users from the more detailed parts.
First, classify the customers, and different customers provide different services. Strengthen the ability to broaden business, promote the new mode of security packaging, improve the scientific and technological content of security affairs, promote the integrated construction of civil air defense plus technology and defense, combine specialized troops with diversified services, establish a complete service system, and provide customers with comprehensive and integrated service solutions. For example, free installation of broadband for customers, telephone fees, traffic; docking with property, providing customers with cleaning, lawn mowing, repair circuit and dog equivalent work. Let terminal customers feel the convenience brought to their lives by network alarm, and then participate in the process of network alarm operation, they are accustomed to the existence of network alarm service.
Second, we should improve the inductive nature of security personnel by practicing internal skills. Training of professional skills and services and regular legal knowledge to help them form learning habits and serve customers well with their specialties.
3. Draw up reasonable and perfect charging standards. We will formulate different charging standards for different customer services, have a clear positioning for charging principles, and ensure the rights and interests of customers.
Fourth, establish brand awareness. Security service companies should choose high-quality product manufacturers to improve the overall nature of security service forces and brand image.
5. Establish long-term and stable cooperative relationship of mutual benefit, mutual benefit and mutual trust with customers. Do customer maintenance well, pay attention to communication with customers, distinguish customer access criteria, understand customer needs in real time, and deal with customer problems in time. Winning the trust of customers can be seen in the fierce competition in the market.
Wuhan Security Company: As far as manufacturers are concerned, they should constantly enhance their innovation and development strength, enhance their brand image, provide stable online alarm products to shopping malls, and ensure the quality of products and services from the source.
Guarantee product stability. Without dropping the line, the system operates smoothly.
2. Simple operation. Security services can be easily operated by businesses and household users.
Third, add additional functions. For example, voice intercom, Wechat adds functions, calculates customer functions, supports the export of customer contact forms, supports push message and latest developments, and is compatible with various protocols.
Fourth, the price is appropriate. Strictly control the cost of products, to provide users with the most cost-effective products.
5. Improving the brand image. As a manufacturer, we need to constantly improve the strength of innovation and development, strengthen the enterprise forces, improve service quality, and establish an outstanding brand image.
6. Perfect after-sales service. It can provide training, skill support and other services to security service companies, timely and efficient after-sales service to users, and long-term help for security service companies to serve customers.
Wuhan Security Company: "Manufacturer + Security Service Company" Co-constructs and reconciles the business environment
The development of domestic security enterprises is constrained by such aspects as guidelines, guidelines and skills. Compared with foreign countries, there is a certain gap in the scale of enterprises and service quality. In order to do a good job of network alarm operation, it is necessary for manufacturers and security service enterprises to work together to create a harmonious and stable network alarm operation. Camp environment.
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