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Security guards against fire, burglary and protect personal safety in life. That is to say, "keep one side safe." Through the implementation of the work of security personnel to ensure that the security of the fixed area, normal working order, public order, prevention in the future. What are the key aspects of security work?
1, security companies must keep an eye on key timing.
The monotonous and hard work of security work determines the difficulty of its management, but it also has certain rules. That is, we should seize the key moment, that is, "noon, evening, festival and outside".
The so-called "noon" is noon break, nap, midnight. During this period, most people rest, and it is easy for them to drop off posts and sleep.
The so-called "late" is the evening. Security personnel can not be engaged in the work above the lobby and under the lights, some places on duty conditions are very poor, long time, in addition to the quiet night when it is very easy to occur theft, robbery, fire and other accidents, this is the key time for Dongguan security company management.
The so-called "Festival" is the time of holidays. People in a week or a strenuous period of work, generally relax during the holidays, at this time, most of the paralysis, go out shopping to do more friends and relatives, so it is also the most problematic time.
The so-called "outside" is eight hours away. At present, the security team members are generally on duty for 6 to 12 hours, and the management after duty is the focus of the managers of the company. Due to the scattered places of duty and accommodation, the management work after duty is prone to problems if it can not keep up with it. According to investigation and statistics, in recent years, more than 60% of the problems occurred at this time. Security guards guard against theft, fighting, going out without leave, driving in violation of regulations, and so on, often occur at this time. Therefore, we must take seeking truth as the basis and fulfilling as the responsibility, insist on carrying it out in the course of implementation, carry it out in the course of repetition, and concentrate our main energy on it. Facts have proved that all the problems are not implemented. Therefore, in the grasp and management of key personnel, key parts and key opportunities, the company must be responsible, inspected, rewarded and punished in place, and implemented in place. Only in this way can we really enhance the effectiveness of the daily management of the security forces.
2, security companies must keep a close eye on key personnel.
At present, the sources of security personnel, mainly rural, urban laid-off workers, veterans and unemployed youth in society, intend to engage in security work for a long time is not many, most of the security work as a "springboard", basically belong to "temporary workers". The actual security work point is many, the line is long, scattered, the team member carries out the task alone the probability is quite high, these people are mostly one person post, the experience is insufficient, easy to occur the question. Therefore, the company must take this part of the people as the focus of management, must be trained before going on duty, to do the first training after going on duty, while the implementation of the old for the new, to ensure the safety of new players through the "probation period".
3, security companies must focus on key parts.
The so-called key parts are important places and key posts. Such as financial institutions, financial units, warehouse areas, dangerous areas, party, government, military and other places. These parts of the problem have great impact and heavy losses. Some losses are hard to make up for money. Therefore, Yip Cheng security company should be the top priority to ensure that there are no problems. At the same time, the management of these units is done well, can play a point-to-area supplementary role in the development of the security industry has played a multiplier effect with half the effort.





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